Life Insurance is for Singles, Too

If you’re single with no dependents, you don’t need life insurance, right? Wrong! Singles can benefit just as much from life insurance as couples with children. Here are just a few ways a life insurance policy from Alloy Insurance Partners in Dallas, TX can benefit you as a single adult.

Pay Off Debts

If you have debts that you accrued with a business partner, family member or significant other, this individual would be responsible for paying off these debts if you were to suddenly pass on. This could put someone you care about under financial pressure. By taking out a life insurance policy and naming this individual as your beneficiary, he or she would have the funds to pay for your share of the debt, alleviating him or her of this burden.

Funeral Costs

Life insurance benefits can be used to pay for your funeral costs so your family doesn’t have to assume this responsibility in the event of your unexpected demise. 

Future Spouse and Family

You may be single now but what about the future? If you plan on getting married and having a family in the future, you can save money by purchasing a life policy now while you’re young and healthy. You’ll then have some protection in place for when you do get married and start your family. The cost of life insurance goes up as you get older.

Support for Aging Parents

If you’re supporting aging parents, benefits from a life insurance policy can continue to provide your parents with financial support after your demise. You can have peace of mind that your parents will be taken care of if you were to suddenly pass on. 

Learn more about the benefits of life insurance now and in the future by contacting Alloy Insurance Partners in Dallas, TX. 

What Are the Benefits of a Self-Monitored Home Security System?

Self-monitored home security systems offer homeowners an added layer of protection without the extra cost of a monthly subscription to a professional monitoring service. The agents at Alloy Insurance Partners can answer questions that Dallas, TX residents may have about self-monitored home security systems and how they work to protect a home or business.

Allows for 24-hour Surveillance

Self-monitored home security systems allow you to view what is going on in or around your home 24 hours a day from almost any location. Most home security systems have a downloadable app that can be used to not only view the home but also arm and disarm the system.

Easy to Relocate

Most self-monitored home security systems are designed to be installed by the homeowner or renter. This makes it easy for the system to be taken down and relocated if the family moves to a new home. Many systems can be installed and operational in less than 30 minutes.

Protects Your Home and Family

Self-monitored systems normally include entry sensors for doors and windows, motion detectors, environmental hazard detectors, and some type of indoor/outdoor video surveillance equipment. Video doorbell viewers are now equipped with two-way voice communication making it easy to talk to whoever is at your front door.

Self-monitored home security systems offer protection to homeowners and renters who don’t want to get caught up in long-term contracts but still want the protection of a security system. Call and talk to the agents of Alloy Insurance Partners today if you live in Dallas, TX and are thinking about installing a self-monitored home security system. They have the answers you are looking for. 


What Happens if I Don’t Have Auto Insurance?

Most people in the Austin or Dallas, TX area need to drive a car on a daily basis. For those that do own and operate a car, it is common knowledge that having auto insurance in place is a necessity and requirement. While most people in the Dallas area comply with this law, some avoid getting insurance to save money. If you do not have auto insurance in place while you are driving, a number of negative situations could arise.

Face Legal Punishment

The first negative consequence that can arise if you do not have auto insurance is legal punishments. In Texas, you are required by law to carry at least liability insurance coverage. If you do not have this type of auto insurance and are caught driving without it, you could end up losing your license, face financial penalties, and even go to jail. 

Significant Financial Losses

Another consequence that will come if you do not have auto insurance when you are driving is that you could face substantial financial losses. People that have a full auto insurance policy in place at all times will benefit from having liability coverage plus collision and comprehensive coverage. If you do not have auto insurance, you will have to cover all repairs to your vehicle, and the other party’s vehicle if you are at fault in an accident. These costs can be very significant depending on the scope of the accident. 

Since not having the right level of coverage can be very detrimental, those that are in the Austin or Dallas, TX area should reach out to the Alloy Insurance Partners to discuss their auto insurance needs. When you speak with the team at Alloy Insurance Partners, you can learn more about your auto insurance options and get into a policy that is right for you. 

Do You Have Flood Insurance For All of Your Property?

It is common for people who are diligent in purchasing full coverage car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and life insurance to overlook flood insurance because they think that they are either covered by their homeowner’s insurance or that they live in a risk-free area. At Alloy insurance Partners, we want all Texans to be aware of the fact that flood coverage does not fall under the typical home insurance policy, and even low-risk zones can flood in extreme times. We serve Austin, San Angelo, Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas with quality insurance for everything from floods to auto coverage and more. 

Flood Insurance Stands Alone

If an area has even a 1% chance of flooding in Texas, then most lenders will require you to purchase flood insurance. However, Hurricane Harvey proved that it does not matter if the property falls into the official flooding zone, in extreme conditions anywhere can flood, and you will be left uncovered with a lot of damage to repair if you do not have this extra coverage. Typical flood insurance will cover your home up to $250,000. However, make sure all of your property is protected by adding a separate flood coverage for your property with a limit of $100,000. If you have special considerations, discuss them with one of our agents to see if we can write a perfect policy for your needs. 

Contact us at Alloy Insurance Partners if you want to discuss your options for flood insurance or any other insurance coverage. We can answer any questions you may have and give you flood insurance quotes. We serve Austin, San Angelo, Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas with quality insurance for all aspects of your life. 

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Injury to Patrons?

When you own a business, one of the most important things you can do is to protect your patrons. In most cases, you have commercial policies to do a great deal to protect your business, but do they also protect your patrons? For those in the Austin or Dallas, TX area, the agents with Alloy Insurance Partners can help you to find the commercial policy that is going to work for you relatively easily.

How can a commercial policy help?

A commercial policy does a great deal to protect your business; it also protects your patrons and your employees. If you have any property insurance on your business, your property insurance may also help to protect your patrons. Commercial policies, by and large, do help to protect patrons that are injured on your property under a few different cases. For starters, if they are injured by no fault of their own, i.e., they are not running around, wasting time, or partaking in any dangerous activity, your policy will help to cover their medical bills and keep you from being sued.

Your policy may also help to protect you by helping to pay the costs if you are at fault for the injury. If there is any sort of issue, the first thing that will happen is the insurance company will come, determine what caused the accident, and will then work out how to pay medical bills and any other associated bills.

Your commercial policy will help cover the cost of taking care of medical bills associated with injury to patrons and will also help with legal bills as well. For those that do have a commercial business and want to make sure their patrons are covered, it is always best to look at different policies and to talk with an agent. For those in the Austin or Dallas, TX area, the agents with Alloy Insurance Partners are ready to answer your questions and get you a quote.

At What Age Should You Begin To Consider Purchasing Life Insurance?

At some point in your life, you should consider purchasing a life insurance policy so you can protect your loved ones from financial burdens that can occur from an untimely passing. One of the most common questions people ask is what age you should begin shopping for life insurance. Anyone who has a family should consider making this important insurance policy purchase, as well as people who have a substantial amount of bills and assets. In general, anyone over the age of thirty may want to consider this critical coverage. 

Shopping For Life Insurance

Shopping for life insurance should be a priority for anyone who has a family or children on the way. It should also be important to anyone who has a substantial amount of items that are assessed for taxes and require maintenance and long term upkeep. If you pass away, you will leave these responsibilities to your loved ones, which can create a significant financial burden. Avoid these issues by being proactive and shopping for a life insurance policy that will protect them in the future. If you live in or around the Dallas, TX area, you should consult with Alloy Insurance Partners to help you get the right amount of coverage. Get personalized service that can help prevent debt and trouble covering future expenses related to funerals, property, education, and more. 

Don’t leave your loved one’s financial future at risk. Residents living near Dallas, TX should call or stop by Alloy Insurance Partners to get more information about life insurance coverage as well as answers to any questions about coverage. Leave peace of mind at a time when it will be needed the most. 

An Introduction to Life Insurance

Life insurance provides you with coverage and a monetary benefit to your beneficiary named in the policy upon your death. The beneficiary usually is your spouse or child.

You pay monthly premiums to the insurer. The insurance company bases your premium on a combination of factors:

  • your age at the time of policy purchase
  • your gender
  • medical history
  • the value of the policy purchased

Types of Life Insurance

Discuss what type of life insurance best suits your needs with a representative from Alloy Insurance Partners of Dallas, TX. The essential question is term or perm?

Term policies provide coverage for a specific number of years. Policies range from one to 20 years in length, generally. The coverage remains active while you pay the premiums. Term policies do not accumulate cash value. Permanent policies do not expire as long as you pay the premiums. They can amass a cash value. You can borrow against some policies.

Reasons for Life Insurance Coverage

Many people think of life insurance only as a means to pay for their funeral expenses, but it provides for so much more. You can obtain coverage in the amount needed to cover any of a number of expenses, including:

  • paying off the home loan
  • paying for your child or children’s education
  • income replacement for your earnings
  • means to pay medical bills

While you can reference a life insurance chart for a quick notion of your insurance needs, come into Alloy Insurance Partners of Dallas, TX to have us sit down with you and calculate your replacement income. These calculations include your current salary, the value of your insurance benefits, your 401(k) and retirement savings, value of services you perform for your family such as cooking, cleaning, and home maintenance. After subtracting your annual personal consumption, we arrive at a figure. Contact us for more information.

Myths about Home Insurance

It’s important to read the fine print for home insurance in Dallas, TX, but it’s also important to know the myths about home insurance. This way, you can get the right coverage.

Myth 1: Home Insurance Is Required

Your mortgage company may require you to have home insurance in Dallas, TX, but the law does not. However, not having home insurance can be very costly in the event that there is a disaster.

Myth 2: All of Your Belongings Are Covered

A homeowner’s policy will not cover everything, and the policy will clearly state what is covered and what isn’t. If you have valuable art or jewelry in your home, it may not be covered by a basic policy and you may need additional coverage. Speak with an agent at Alloy Insurance Partners to make sure you have coverage for all your valuables.

Myth 3: All Injuries in the Home Are Covered

If a visitor gets injured at your home, then the liability protection of your insurance will kick in and pay for claims that are filed. However, if you or a family member gets injured by falling down the stairs or slipping in the kitchen, your home insurance will not pay for these injuries. Instead, you will have to rely on your health insurance.

Myth 4: A Home Business Is Covered

Your business liability and business equipment are not covered under a home insurance policy. If you have a home-based business, you will need a separate policy that covers the company. You may be able to attach a business rider to your existing home insurance for a cheaper rate.

Myth 5: My Home Is Covered in the Event of a Flood

Floods are not covered under a standard home policy. If you live in a flood zone, you need a separate policy to cover floods.

Contact Alloy Insurance Partners to get a quote on home insurance.