An Introduction to Life Insurance

Life insurance provides you with coverage and a monetary benefit to your beneficiary named in the policy upon your death. The beneficiary usually is your spouse or child.

You pay monthly premiums to the insurer. The insurance company bases your premium on a combination of factors:

  • your age at the time of policy purchase
  • your gender
  • medical history
  • the value of the policy purchased

Types of Life Insurance

Discuss what type of life insurance best suits your needs with a representative from Alloy Insurance Partners of Dallas, TX. The essential question is term or perm?

Term policies provide coverage for a specific number of years. Policies range from one to 20 years in length, generally. The coverage remains active while you pay the premiums. Term policies do not accumulate cash value. Permanent policies do not expire as long as you pay the premiums. They can amass a cash value. You can borrow against some policies.

Reasons for Life Insurance Coverage

Many people think of life insurance only as a means to pay for their funeral expenses, but it provides for so much more. You can obtain coverage in the amount needed to cover any of a number of expenses, including:

  • paying off the home loan
  • paying for your child or children’s education
  • income replacement for your earnings
  • means to pay medical bills

While you can reference a life insurance chart for a quick notion of your insurance needs, come into Alloy Insurance Partners of Dallas, TX to have us sit down with you and calculate your replacement income. These calculations include your current salary, the value of your insurance benefits, your 401(k) and retirement savings, value of services you perform for your family such as cooking, cleaning, and home maintenance. After subtracting your annual personal consumption, we arrive at a figure. Contact us for more information.

Myths about Home Insurance

It’s important to read the fine print for home insurance in Dallas, TX, but it’s also important to know the myths about home insurance. This way, you can get the right coverage.

Myth 1: Home Insurance Is Required

Your mortgage company may require you to have home insurance in Dallas, TX, but the law does not. However, not having home insurance can be very costly in the event that there is a disaster.

Myth 2: All of Your Belongings Are Covered

A homeowner’s policy will not cover everything, and the policy will clearly state what is covered and what isn’t. If you have valuable art or jewelry in your home, it may not be covered by a basic policy and you may need additional coverage. Speak with an agent at Alloy Insurance Partners to make sure you have coverage for all your valuables.

Myth 3: All Injuries in the Home Are Covered

If a visitor gets injured at your home, then the liability protection of your insurance will kick in and pay for claims that are filed. However, if you or a family member gets injured by falling down the stairs or slipping in the kitchen, your home insurance will not pay for these injuries. Instead, you will have to rely on your health insurance.

Myth 4: A Home Business Is Covered

Your business liability and business equipment are not covered under a home insurance policy. If you have a home-based business, you will need a separate policy that covers the company. You may be able to attach a business rider to your existing home insurance for a cheaper rate.

Myth 5: My Home Is Covered in the Event of a Flood

Floods are not covered under a standard home policy. If you live in a flood zone, you need a separate policy to cover floods.

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