What commercial insurance covers

Having the right commercial insurance coverage is essential for any business. It helps protect your company from financial losses and provides peace of mind that your business is secure and safeguarded against potential risks. But what does commercial insurance cover?

At Alloy Insurance Partners, we explore some of the most common types of commercial insurance policies available in the Dallas, TX area and how they can help you protect your business. Read on to learn more about how commercial insurance can provide you with vital protection for your company!

Property damage insurance is essential for any business that owns the physical property, such as buildings, machinery, and office equipment. This type of policy covers losses due to natural disasters, theft, or vandalism. It can also help cover the cost of repairing or replacing damaged items if they are stolen, destroyed, or vandalized. It’s important to note that this coverage does not typically include flooding and other water-related damages, so you’ll need to purchase separate flood insurance if you’re in an area prone to floods.

Liability insurance is another type of commercial insurance policy that helps protect businesses from financial losses caused by an accident, injury, or harm done by someone related to your company’s operations. This includes third-party claims against your business for negligence, professional mistakes, or failure to uphold a contract. Liability insurance can also help cover defense costs if your business is taken to court.

Product liability insurance helps protect businesses from damages caused by products made, sold, and distributed by the company. This includes injuries or property damage related to the use of defective products.

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