Term or Perm? Which Life Insurance Should You Buy?

When you visit Alloy Insurance Partners, serving Dallas, TX, for life insurance, you will have a wide array of options. Some will suit your current situation better than others.

Term or Perm

The first big question to address – term or perm? – it centers around whether you want coverage for just a few years or a lifetime. At first, that might sound silly. Of course, you want life insurance until you pass away, so your family has protection.

Term Life Insurance

Typically, insurance agents recommend that, in your 20s, you choose term life insurance. This provides you with coverage for a term of 10-, 20-, or 30-years. Other terms exist, but they’re not typical for purchase. Term costs less in premiums but provides the same coverage as permanent or perm insurance.

Your agent will probably counsel you to invest the difference between the term policy premium and a permanent policy premium. They will tell you how much each would cost.

This saves you money when you’re young and unlikely to die. It also lets you free up funds to put into savings and investments.

Permanent Insurance

Permanent insurance costs more, so your agent will suggest you switch to it during your 30s or 40s. You’ll still obtain a low-cost premium since you’re buying in at a young age.

You can often lock in a premium rate as a 30-something that lasts you until a specific age or death. That means a lot since if you don’t shop around for life insurance, you can end up with expensive premiums that increase with your age. It’s better if your insurance costs are always the same or reduced as you age since people in retirement typically have a smaller income than they did when working.

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