Does Commercial Insurance Cover Injury to Patrons?

When you own a business, one of the most important things you can do is to protect your patrons. In most cases, you have commercial policies to do a great deal to protect your business, but do they also protect your patrons? For those in the Austin or Dallas, TX area, the agents with Alloy Insurance Partners can help you to find the commercial policy that is going to work for you relatively easily.

How can a commercial policy help?

A commercial policy does a great deal to protect your business; it also protects your patrons and your employees. If you have any property insurance on your business, your property insurance may also help to protect your patrons. Commercial policies, by and large, do help to protect patrons that are injured on your property under a few different cases. For starters, if they are injured by no fault of their own, i.e., they are not running around, wasting time, or partaking in any dangerous activity, your policy will help to cover their medical bills and keep you from being sued.

Your policy may also help to protect you by helping to pay the costs if you are at fault for the injury. If there is any sort of issue, the first thing that will happen is the insurance company will come, determine what caused the accident, and will then work out how to pay medical bills and any other associated bills.

Your commercial policy will help cover the cost of taking care of medical bills associated with injury to patrons and will also help with legal bills as well. For those that do have a commercial business and want to make sure their patrons are covered, it is always best to look at different policies and to talk with an agent. For those in the Austin or Dallas, TX area, the agents with Alloy Insurance Partners are ready to answer your questions and get you a quote.