I’m Moving. Do I Need a Brand New Home Insurance Policy?

Moving into a new house is a significant change, even if the move doesn’t take you very far. The physical move requires a lot of work, and then you have to adjust to the new location. You might find yourself shopping in new stores, meeting new neighbors, changing schools for the kids, and facing all kinds of alterations to your daily life. You also need to consider your home insurance. For residents of Dallas, TX, the move might have you asking if you need a brand new policy.

Home insurance policies are tied to the house itself. It’s similar to auto insurance in this respect. Getting a new policy doesn’t have to be complicated. You simply call your Alloy Insurance Partners agent and let them know about your plans to move. They’ll help you find a good policy for the new house. That way, you’ll have excellent coverage when you move, and the new policy will be tailored to the new property and your changing living situation.

Timing Is Important

While you need a new policy for the new house, you need to keep the old policy until you no longer own the old home. This can get a little tricky, as many insurance providers don’t offer policies for empty houses. Not to worry, moving is normal, and insurance companies know how to deal with it. The key is to talk to your Alloy Insurance Partners representative to time the cancellation of the old policy. When you’re out of the old house, and it has a new owner, you don’t need that policy, but if you’re planning to rent, or if you haven’t sold the old house yet, you need to work with your agent to form a good plan.

Any time you have questions or concerns about insurance, a conversation with an expert can go a long way. We’re always here for you, even if your plans will be taking you out of Dallas, TX. Stop by or give us a call so we can help.