What Are the Benefits of a Self-Monitored Home Security System?

Self-monitored home security systems offer homeowners an added layer of protection without the extra cost of a monthly subscription to a professional monitoring service. The agents at Alloy Insurance Partners can answer questions that Dallas, TX residents may have about self-monitored home security systems and how they work to protect a home or business.

Allows for 24-hour Surveillance

Self-monitored home security systems allow you to view what is going on in or around your home 24 hours a day from almost any location. Most home security systems have a downloadable app that can be used to not only view the home but also arm and disarm the system.

Easy to Relocate

Most self-monitored home security systems are designed to be installed by the homeowner or renter. This makes it easy for the system to be taken down and relocated if the family moves to a new home. Many systems can be installed and operational in less than 30 minutes.

Protects Your Home and Family

Self-monitored systems normally include entry sensors for doors and windows, motion detectors, environmental hazard detectors, and some type of indoor/outdoor video surveillance equipment. Video doorbell viewers are now equipped with two-way voice communication making it easy to talk to whoever is at your front door.

Self-monitored home security systems offer protection to homeowners and renters who don’t want to get caught up in long-term contracts but still want the protection of a security system. Call and talk to the agents of Alloy Insurance Partners today if you live in Dallas, TX and are thinking about installing a self-monitored home security system. They have the answers you are looking for.