A Chump Dumped his Comp: The Incidents that Worker’s Compensation Doesn’t Cover

The purpose of getting worker’s compensation insurance is to provide both wage replacement and medical expenses to injured employees while working for you. In turn, the employee waives their right to sue you for negligence. This form of insurance also covers rehabilitation, disability benefits, and funeral costs if worse comes to worst. Some people will try to abuse their worker’s comp benefits, so it’s good to know what it won’t cover. 

First, worker’s comp only covers things that happen on the job. You cannot be sued for worker’s comp due to an accident during a commute or something that happened after termination. Here are some other examples. 

The Results of Violating Company Policies

Let’s say you own a restaurant and made it a company policy that employees must wear a hard hat while changing the magnetic letters on the sign outside. Your employee Doug didn’t wear one while changing the sign. A letter L comes loose and smacks Doug on the head. Doug has to take the L! He violated company policy and is not eligible for worker’s comp. 

The Results of Intoxication or Use of Illegal Drugs

Let’s say you run a construction company and hire Charley to operate the backhoe. At lunch, Charley decides to have a beer- then two- and another. Then, his buddy invites him to share a joint. Charley clocks back in and rams the backhoe straight into a tree. Sorry, Charley! It was his fault for operating heavy machinery while intoxicated.

Anything Caused Intentionally

Let’s say you own a beauty parlor. You hired Kim to do manicures and Loretta to style hair. Kim and Loretta got into a petty dispute that escalated. Words were said, and faces were bruised. Because the injuries were caused purposely, they don’t get worker’s comp. 

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