I Paid off the Mortgage! What Changes do I need to make to my Home Insurance?

Congratulations! You have finally cleared the debt on your Dallas, TX home. Your friends at Alloy Insurance Partners want to remind you that now is a great time to review your home insurance policy and make sure it is completely protected. 

Review the Current Assessment and Compare to Your Coverage

You were paying lower taxes on the property twenty or thirty years ago when you first bought it. Your home insurance policy is often based on the assessed value. Take the time to make sure that your policy reflects the increase in value that the property experienced over time. This ensures that if you suffer a catastrophic loss, you will be in a better position to rebuild without emptying your savings account.

Are Your Fine Art and Collectibles Listed on the Policy?

Over the years you have probably added a few of the finer things in life to your possessions. Jewelry, art, collector cars, and other unique items should be itemized on your home insurance policy with a stated assessed value. Should your home ever be attacked by thieves or vandals, you will be fully compensated for the loss of those valuable pieces.

You may also want to check the liability and medical payments section of the policy. A simple injury costs a lot more to treat now than it did when you first signed on the purchase and sale agreement all those years ago.

While you may still be living in the same home in Dallas, TX after 30 years, you should not assume that the same home insurance policy will properly care for you and your family. Give us a call at Alloy Insurance Partners to review your coverage and bring it up to date.