How does commercial insurance work when there is a natural disaster?

You know that commercial insurance protects your business from lawsuits when incidents occur. What happens, though, when Mother Nature sweeps through and destroys what was once your beautiful company? The agents at Alloy Insurance Partners can help you understand how commercial insurance works when a natural disaster leads to financial loss within your business in Dallas, TX.

What does commercial insurance typically cover?

The average commercial insurance plan pays for incidents pertaining to employees and customers. You may be able to file a claim with your insurance provider if a consumer falls while shopping in your store. Commercial insurance may also come in handy when an employee has a car accident while driving one of the company’s vehicles. 

Does commercial insurance cover natural disasters?

Many business owners in Dallas, TX are unpleasantly surprised to learn that their standard commercial insurance policy does not cover natural disasters. It is usually after a flood or fire caused by Mother Nature that such individuals learn the truth. You need to purchase an additional insurance policy that is just for natural disasters if you want to file a claim for coverage that pays for structural damage caused by a storm, fire, or earthquake.

There are instances where it may be possible for you to receive compensation for the income you are losing because of damages if you purchase coverage for the loss of income along with general liability insurance. An agent at Alloy Insurance Partners can help you better understand what is covered under your standard indemnity plan and what may require additional coverage.

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