Benefits of flood insurance for TX home owners

Alloy Insurance Partners understands that many residents in the greater Dallas, TX area may be confused about floor insurance and if they should have it. Of course, if you live in a flood zone, your lender will require you to have this coverage, but what if you’re outside such areas? It is our belief that it’s important for homeowners to be knowledgeable about floods and insurance coverage so that they can make a wise decision. 

Benefits of flood insurance

With flood insurance protection in place, area residents can enjoy greater coverage for their Texas homes, both inside and out.

  • Protection for your home – typically, primary homeowner policies do not cover all types of water and storm damages. With a separate flood insurance policy, you gain additional protection for your family home. Even in instances where it is not required, obtaining flood insurance is a smart move.
  • Protection for your belongings – your home and your belongings are covered by separate policies, and it’s important to have both! Texas experienced heavy storms that can create flooding, and the resultant water can damage both your home and its interior items. 

Hurricanes do affect the Dallas region, and with them come damaging storms that can create a flood situation. Because of this, it is strongly recommended that all citizens carry flood protection regardless of their home’s location and flood zone status. Rest easy knowing that your home and possessions are protected no matter what Mother Nature throws at them!

Find out more about flood insurance today

If you are a homeowner in the greater Dallas, TX area, you can rely on Alloy Insurance Partners for all of your insurance needs. To find out more about flood insurance, call or stop by our office today!