What Happens if I Don’t Have Auto Insurance?

Most people in the Austin or Dallas, TX area need to drive a car on a daily basis. For those that do own and operate a car, it is common knowledge that having auto insurance in place is a necessity and requirement. While most people in the Dallas area comply with this law, some avoid getting insurance to save money. If you do not have auto insurance in place while you are driving, a number of negative situations could arise.

Face Legal Punishment

The first negative consequence that can arise if you do not have auto insurance is legal punishments. In Texas, you are required by law to carry at least liability insurance coverage. If you do not have this type of auto insurance and are caught driving without it, you could end up losing your license, face financial penalties, and even go to jail. 

Significant Financial Losses

Another consequence that will come if you do not have auto insurance when you are driving is that you could face substantial financial losses. People that have a full auto insurance policy in place at all times will benefit from having liability coverage plus collision and comprehensive coverage. If you do not have auto insurance, you will have to cover all repairs to your vehicle, and the other party’s vehicle if you are at fault in an accident. These costs can be very significant depending on the scope of the accident. 

Since not having the right level of coverage can be very detrimental, those that are in the Austin or Dallas, TX area should reach out to the Alloy Insurance Partners to discuss their auto insurance needs. When you speak with the team at Alloy Insurance Partners, you can learn more about your auto insurance options and get into a policy that is right for you.