Common Auto Insurance Exclusions

Like any other insurance coverage, your car insurance isn’t flawless. It has exclusions and limitations — meaning it doesn’t cover you against all risks. Alloy Insurance Partners of Plano, TX expounds on risks not covered by your typical car insurance. Understanding the exclusions of your car insurance helps you avoid frustrations during the claim process. Plus, knowing your car insurance exclusions aid you in deciding what "add-ons" you should consider to boost your car insurance.

Normal wear and tear

When your car engine fails or the paint chips off, any attempt to seek compensation from your insurer won’t be honored. The same goes for damage due to mold or pest infestation.

Racing events

When injuries or damages occur during racing events, stunts, and other enthusiasts’ events, your typical car insurance won’t step in to cover the loss. However, you can consider add-ons when participating in such events.

Acts of God

Your car insurance policy may exclude natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, tornados, and other natural threats listed in your policy.

Family member exclusion clause

Suppose you have liability coverage and cause an accident hurting other people on the road. Your liability coverage will cover other people’s medical expenses, but not that of you and any family member in the vehicle.

Intentional damage

This is rather obvious, but we will say it because you find motorists, especially first-time car owners, filing claims after intentional damage. Note this: your insurer will not honor your claim after damaging your car intentionally. This includes using your car as a weapon, setting it on fire, or kicking it out of frustration.

Car insurance in Plano, TX

Before getting behind the wheel, it’s pivotal to understand the ins and outs of your insurance policy. But if you are not familiar with your policy, don’t hesitate to contact Alloy Insurance Partners for more information.