Do you need new auto/motorcycle insurance when you move?

When you plan a move, whether across town or to another state, you probably do not think of updating your auto or motorcycle insurance as a top priority. It is though.

Most states give you 30 to 90 days to complete your update. That means you need to contact your Alloy Insurance Partners agent to update your address and your policy.

Your zip code helps determine your premiums, so moving to a new zip code in Dallas, TX can either increase or decrease your premiums. If you move to a safer zip code with a lower crime rate, your insurance might decrease. Moving to a higher crime area might increase it.

Moving from one state to another state changes everything. Each state has its own minimum requirements, so even full coverage in your current state of residence might not qualify as proper coverage in your new area. You may be able to adjust your coverage, but you also might have to purchase a brand-new policy or switch carriers. That is because insurance agencies sometimes do not have legal permission to sell insurance in every state.

You also need to update your registration and license plates, plus your driver’s license when you move to another state or if you just moved to Texas. You need to update your auto or motorcycle insurance before you can update anything else vehicle related because you must show proof of insurance to do those other items.

Call or email Alloy Insurance Partners today to discuss your move to or from Dallas, TX. We can help you make a plan for updating your vehicular insurance so you do not have a lapse in coverage. Contact us before you move for the best results.