Three Things to Know About Flood Insurance

With extreme (and sometimes unpredictable) weather becoming the norm daily, it’s crucial to be prepared for pretty much anything. Regardless of where you live – including Dallas, TX – flood protection is a must, as it’s among the most widespread natural disasters in the country.

But what should safety-savvy consumers know about flood insurance before taking out a policy? Before calling your Alloy Insurance Partners representative to discuss your options, here are some prime factors to keep in mind.

1. Your existing policy probably doesn’t cover flooding

Although some states require homeowners to carry flood insurance if they live within a high-risk flood zone, Texas is not one of them. Many people assume that their current homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will cover them in the event of a flood, but don’t be fooled. Most policies don’t cover flooding, so it’s on you to protect yourself.

2. Not living in a high-risk zone doesn’t mean you’re safe

If you’re lucky enough to be located in a zone at low risk for flooding, that’s great. But it’s no guarantee you’re safe, especially with increasingly erratic weather patterns. All it will take is one bad storm that catches you unprepared to make you glad you looked into flood insurance sooner rather than later.

3. There are two basic types of flood insurance to consider

Once you start shopping around for flood insurance in the Dallas, TX area, you’ll see that there are two basic types available – building coverage and contents coverage. The former covers your home property and its structure, while the latter protects the majority of the belongings within that structure. However, every policy has exceptions and limitations, so be sure to know yours.

Ready to grant yourself the peace of mind that comes with protection? Get in touch with an Alloy Insurance Partners agent today to discuss the best policy for your home or business!