Required Commercial Insurance in Texas

Insurance in Texas

When you have a small business in Texas, certain types of commercial insurance are mandatory and others are simply recommended. If you have a small business and need it to be insured, or you simply want better policies, give us a call at Alloy Insurance Partners in Dallas, TX. 

Commercial Insurance for Vehicles

If you have a vehicle that is owned by your company, Texas law requires that you have a commercial auto policy on it. There are mandatory minimums in the policy for bodily injury liability for each person, bodily injury for the entire accident, and the amount of property damage you are liable for. If you use a vehicle for business purposes, but it is not owned by the business, it is not required to get commercial auto insurance coverage for it. However, it is recommended that you have a non-owned and hired policy for your vehicle. This is often needed because personal auto insurance policies often don’t cover vehicles used for business purposes.

Workers’ Compensation

Unlike in most states, Texas does not make it mandatory for Texas business owners to have workers’ compensation policies in place. But, it is recommended for small business owners. This insurance type will cover your business against accidents or illnesses that occur in the workplace. It also pays for wages missed when unable to work because of an accident or illness. Getting general liability insurance and professional liability insurance is also recommended for many types of business. 

Insure Your Business

Your small business needs as much protection as it can get. If you need commercial insurance, call our Alloy Insurance Partners office in Dallas, TX.