Home Insurance Protects More Than Your Home

Purchasing a home is a big decision.  Before you move in, home insurance will ensure that it protected.  Most understand that a home insurance policy protects if there is a fire or severe weather damage, but home insurance policies do so much more.  To understand how it protects families financially, come talk to the agents at Alloy Insurance Partners.  They have been serving homeowners through the Dallas, TX area since 1996.

Sure, a home insurance policy covers events like fire and severe weather but offers more to consumers than you realize.  They cover everything in the home including furniture and personal items.  The policy will cover personal items even if they are damaged or stolen while away from home.  For example, it a laptop is stolen while you are working at local café or bookstore, it will be covered.  It also includes liability coverage should someone get injured on the property due to your negligence.  It will cover their medical expenses.  Should they decide to sue you, it will also cover their legal fees.  Medical and legal costs can quickly add up so having the liability insurance protects the homeowner from financial devastation.

The home insurance policy will also cover any structures on the property.  This can include outbuildings and sheds.  It will also cover pergolas, gazebos and fencing.  While it’s important to understand what is covered in a home insurance policy, it is equally important to understand what isn’t.  For instance, home insurance policies do not cover flood events.  A separate flood insurance policy is needed for at-risk homes. 

The team at Alloy Insurance Partners works with homeowners throughout the Dallas, TX area.  They are ready to help you get the coverage you need and answer any questions you have.  Home insurance protects you financially in many ways.  Come in today to learn more!