What type of life insurance is right for me?

Anyone that is in the Dallas, TX area that would like to protect themselves and their loved ones needs to have proper insurance. One type of insurance that should be considered a necessity is life insurance, which will provide you with financial protection in the event you were to pass away untimely. When you are looking for a new life insurance policy, the two most common options are term and whole life. It is crucial to think of the benefits of each option when figuring out which is right for your situation.

Term Life Insurance

With a term life insurance policy, you are going to receive life insurance coverage for the entire period of the term as long as payments are made on time. There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to picking this form of insurance, which ensures you can get a policy that is right for you. Further, payments tend to be more affordable than whole life.

Whole Life Insurance

While a whole life insurance policy, you can expect to have higher monthly premiums. However, there are additional benefits. With a whole life policy, a portion of your insurance payments will be deposited into an account that will grow in value and can be liquidated. Due to this, a whole life insurance policy can also be considered a form of investment. 

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