How to Teach Your New Teen Driver About Auto Insurance

A child with a new driver’s license has entered an exciting time of life. They have more freedom than ever. To ensure your child is ready for that experience and minimize financial risk to you and your assets, ensure you have the right type and level of auto insurance in place. Then, educate your child on auto insurance and its importance.

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What Is Auto Insurance?

Start by teaching your child what auto insurance is, including how it works as a backstop for claims made against you and protects the asset. Discuss the various types of coverage, especially the types they have, including liability, comprehensive, and collision. Make sure they know that there are limits and how claims work.

What Is the Value of Auto Insurance?

Discuss the importance of auto insurance to protect from financial losses during an accident. Everyone is at risk, and everyone needs to have proper coverage to minimize the financial risks. It’s also important to discuss the legal requirements of maintaining insurance to meet state laws as well as lienholder laws, such as if there is a loan on the vehicle. 

Discuss What to Do in an Accident

Finally, ensure your child can drive safely and avoid accidents. This is a great time to discuss ways to reduce auto insurance costs, such as being a good driver and avoiding claims. Then, talk to them about what to do when there is an accident so they are ready to handle any situation that could occur.

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