How much flood insurance do you need?

Some Dallas, TX homeowners face the shock of being underinsured when they need coverage the most. Coming home to ruins is not the time to learn that your policy does not cover natural disasters such as floods. The agents at Alloy Insurance Partners can work to help you find the home insurance policy that best suits your needs. How much flood insurance does an owner need to feel fully covered in Texas, though?

Is flood insurance required?

There is no official state law requiring all homeowners in Texas to have flood insurance. Those living in a flood zone, however, may find it challenging to remain in compliance with their mortgage contract without having a flood insurance plan. By definition, a flood zone is defined as a region in which the likelihood of severe flooding is at least one percent. Nearly every major city in Texas falls within this category. It is, thus, imperative that you purchase a flood insurance plan for your Dallas, TX home. 

How much does flood insurance cost? 

The average flood insurance plan can cost you an additional $700 annually. The specific amount you pay for coverage, of course, depends on several factors, which are not limited to how much you want to spend as a deductible as well as the square footage of your home. 

How much flood insurance do you need?

The average homeowner buys enough flood insurance to replace their home in the instance that the structure is completely destroyed. You may also want to purchase additional add-ons that pay for relocation as well as assets inside the family residence. These additional features are, of course, aside from how much you choose to pay for flood insurance coverage every year.

The agents at Alloy Insurance Partners create personalized plans to fit your budget and lifestyle. Call us today to get started with a quote for coverage!